Served all day


The Four O’Clock
Salt-and-pepper almonds, cheese salad, Midway Bakery buttermilk biscuits and shaved Browning’s ham, mixed pickles, saltines and Lisa’s cheese wafers  $11.99

Oysters Rocka-Rouse
With buttermilk butter, kilt greens and garlic breadcrumbs, half-dozen  $15.99

Tokyo Fried Chicken  wf
Chunks of local chicken in a ginger-soy marinade, fried crisp with sweet-and-spicy glaze. Served with house-made pickle  $10.99  

Shrimp Salad  wf
Wild-caught gulf shrimp, poached and dressed in a creamy parsley and caper dressing on a Weisenberger Mill hoecake with bacon jam  $10.99

Whitesburg Soup Beans  wf
Brown beans simmered in rich ham broth, topped with cornbread croutons and diced onion  $4.99  

Sweet Potato Beignets
Savory fritters with red pepper sweet-and-sour chili sauce and scratch-made Benedictine  $6.99



Shady Lane Salad
Local lettuces, shaved Browning’s country ham, local deviled egg and fines herbes with mustard vinaigrette and candied Kentucky seedling pecans  $9.99

Kentucky Victory Hemp Salad  ve  wf
Mixed greens, baby kale, Victory Hemp Foods toasted hemp hearts, green apple, toasted pistachio, hemp vinaigrette and marinated tempeh  $13.50  

Wallace Station Chicken Salad Plate  wf
Made with all-natural chicken raised hormone/antibiotic-free, dried cranberries and almonds, on a Weisenberger hoe cake with local lettuces  $12.99  

Warm Spinach and Orange Salad  vg  wf
Baby spinach dressed in warm orange vinaigrette, Capriole goat cheese, toasted sliced almonds, pickled red onions and finished with orange supremes  $9.99  
With pan-roasted chicken breast  $13.99  wf
With wild-caught gulf shrimp  $16.99  wf



Wholesome Living Farm Chicken
Pan-roasted breast of chicken, herb butter, chicken jus, creamed wild rice with toasted Kentucky seedling pecans and baby kale dressed in warm bacon vinaigrette  $17.99

Howard’s Pork Chops
Two 4-oz. Stone Cross Farm pork chops marinated then seared, apple butter pork jus, creamy Weisenberger Mill grits, mixed pickles with Three Springs greens and gremolata  $15.99
One chop dinner  $11.99

Beetloaf  vg  wf
Shredded beets, carrots, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds and Cheddar topped with tomato-onion sauce and served with mixed root vegetable puree and petite salad  $12.99  

Florida Fishing Cottage  wf
Wild-caught gulf grouper, oven roasted and served on creamy sliced potatoes, with tomatoes, red peppers and onions sautéed with orange and lemon, sautéed spinach, a ring of Duchess potatoes and lemon butter sauce  $24.99

Honeywood Steak
10 oz. New York strip seared in a cast-iron skillet and basted in duck fat, finished with herb butter and Bordelaise sauce, served with russet potatoes roasted with preserved lemon and garlic, braised shallots and herb-local greens salad  $29.99

Honeywood Burger
Two 3 oz. Black Hawk Farms beef patties topped with cheese salad, marinated cucumbers and house ketchup. Served with herb-salted French fries  $12.99

All-Kentuckian Burger
Two 3-oz. Black Hawk Farms beef patties topped with choice of American, Swiss or Cheddar, and dressed with lettuce, tomato and onion. Served with herb-salted French fries  $12.99

Wallace Station Chicken Salad Sandwich
Made with all-natural chicken raised hormone/antibiotic-free, dried cranberries and almonds, topped with lettuce and tomato on Midway Bakery whole-wheat bread. Served with herb-salted French fries  $11.99



Bourbon Chess Pie
A Kentucky classic with a hint of bourbon, from our own Midway Bakery  $5.99
Add a scoop of Sorella Whipped Cream Gelato  $1.99

Lemon Cake Pie
Lemon curd and lemon chiffon in a flaky pastry crust  $4.99
Add a scoop of Sorella Whipped Cream Gelato  $1.99

Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie
An old Kentucky favorite: decadent chocolate filling spiked with bourbon and stuffed with Kentucky pecans  $5.99
Add a scoop of Sorella Whipped Cream Gelato  $1.99

Blue Monday Sundae
Midway Bakery brownie, Sorella Whipped Cream Gelato, crushed Ruth Hunt Blue Monday cream candy, hot fudge sauce, whipped cream and a cherry. Great for sharing!  $9.99

Crank & Boom Ice Cream and Midway Bakery Corn Cookies
Ask about today’s ice cream flavors
One scoop and one cookie  $5.99
Two scoops and one cookie  $7.99
Three scoops and two cookies  $11.99

Vegan Gelato  ve
Ask about today’s flavor  $3.99  



All kid's meals come with our vegetable of the day, crispy potatoes, cheese grits or farm lettuce salad or carrot and celery sticks

Willa's Favorite  vg  
White Cheddar whole-grain quesadilla  $4.99  

Honeywood Mini Beef Burger  
All local beef on a whole-wheat bun. Dressed how you like it  $4.99

Sautéed All Natural Chicken Breast  wf

wf = wheat free   |   ve = vegan   |   vg = vegetarian