Brynne Bowden, assistant general manager

Brynne Bowden has made a career of keeping restaurant customers happy. 

She started her career at 15 in Tennessee, but restaurant work was not love at first sight. Music crept in, and she spent time as a booking agent and tour manager.

In her late 20s while living in Seattle, Brynne worked at Coastal Kitchen, a busy restaurant that changes its menu — and wine list, cocktail list, art, music and decorations — every three months to reflect cuisine and culture of coastal regions around the world.

“I have never worked someplace with more regular customers, some who came in every single day,” Brynne said. “The staff and management were exceptional. It occurred to me that I wanted to spend my life doing this.”

After stints in Nashville restaurants, she moved to Louisville for a management position at Proof on Main in the 21c Museum Hotel. And she married the executive sous chef, Jonathan Searle, who is now executive chef at Lockbox at the 21c hotel in Lexington.

Brynne’s position as assistant general manager will be the first time she’s worked with owner Ouita Michel. “As soon as I heard about Honeywood and its concept, I knew that I wanted to be involved,” she said. 

She and her husband and their dog, Blanche, live in Lexington.