Ethan Bowling, sous chef

At 15, Ethan Bowling wanted a job, so, with no driver’s license, he applied at the business nearest to his Scott County home, Ouita Michel’s flagship restaurant, Holly Hill Inn in Midway. He started in the dish room scrubbing sauté pans, and over a decade developed skills refined enough to prepare expensive cuts of meat and delicate fish filets, earning accolades from Holly Hill guests and Ouita.

“After high school, I attended a year of college, but wanted back in the kitchen,” Ethan said. “After working with Ouita and the other talented people in her kitchen, I received a culinary education that convinced me this is my career.” 

Ethan also is a master with vegetables, developing creative sauces and seasonings that complement the flavor of locally grown green beans, asparagus, potatoes, greens and more.

When he’s hungry, his thoughts turn to a fine cut of beef. “I think steaks may be my favorite thing to cook, as well as sauces to go with them,” he said. 

Ethan has worked at Ouita’s other restaurants, including Wallace Station, where he ran the kitchen for two years. He lives in Lexington.