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Joshua Wright, chef de cuisine

Josh Wright knows the best food comes from the freshest ingredients. It’s a lesson he learned from his mom, growing up in Monterey, Ky.

“Growing up gardening and cooking with my mother gave me a deep appreciation for using fresh, local, seasonal ingredients with a southern flair.”

Josh now lives in Lexington with his wife Cecilia and their dogs Elvis and Dashi. He has used that early appreciation for good food during his time working in the local restaurant scene, including Alfalfa Restaurant, Natasha's, Willies Locally Known, Middle Fork and County Club.

“As I grew as a chef I was drawn to south-east Asian and Japanese cuisine,” Josh says. “At Honeywood I am trying to marry a lot of those ideas.”

Josh started working for the Ouita Michel Family of Restaurants in 2017. And he says one of the highlights is Honeywood’s partnership with local farms, like Three Springs Farm in Carlisle.

“Having heirloom varieties of amazing southern produce grown just a few miles from Lexington and delivered to our door multiple times a week makes for a very enjoyable experience.

“Planning and cooking this way gives us the ability to cook truly delicious food.”