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The Four O’Clock
Salt-and-pepper almonds, cheese salad, Midway Bakery buttermilk biscuits and shaved Penn’s country ham, mixed pickles, cheese wafers. Great for sharing! $12

Sweet Potato Beignets vg
Savory fritters, sweet-and-sour chili sauce, Benedictine $7

Country Ham Biscuits
Four Midway Bakery buttermilk biscuits, shaved Penn’s country ham, apple butter $6

Honeywood’s Fancy Deviled Eggs vg wf
Quartet of Jessamine County deviled eggs topped with marinated cherry tomatoes, capers and Castelvetrano olive $5
or choose plain Janes 75¢ each

Baked Cheddar Cheese Dip vg
Topped with apple mostarda and served with FoodChain’s apple chips, crudite and Midway Bakery baguette $10

Fried Oysters and Bacon Jam
Half dozen rolled oysters, bacon jam, Blue cheese celery slaw, house pickles, Crystal butter sauce $12

Up to Date Shrimp Scampi
Fresh Gulf shrimp, extra-virgin olive oil, garlic, sherry, rye whiskey, smoked paprika, basil and lemon with Midway Bakery baguette $14

TFC wf
All-natural chicken bites fried crisp, ginger-soy marinade, sweet-and-sour spicy glaze, mixed pickles $10
Delicious as a vegan appetizer with tempeh ve wf


Add Simple Greens Salad $3. Add side Shady Lane Salad or Spinach Orange Salad $6

Howard’s Center Cut Pork Loin Chop
10 oz. Stone Cross Farm pork chop, apple butter pork jus, creamy Weisenberger Mill cheese grits, slow-cooked greens, gremolata and fried apples $18
With 2 skinny pork chops $15

Honeywood Steak
Center-cut Black Angus New York strip, bordelaise sauce, crispy potatoes tossed with shallot and garlic $28

Chicken and Gnocchi
Bacon-wrapped chicken breast, Parisian gnocchi, roasted button mushrooms, sauteed spinach, chicken velouté $20

Shrimp and Grits and Crispy Catfish
Half dozen Gulf white shrimp and crispy fried catfish bites over Weisenberger Mill cheese grits and greens, Kentucky Cajun butter sauce, tobacco onion $18

Pot Roast wf
Kentucky Proud chuck roast slow cooked in red wine, with potato gratin, honey mustard-glazed carrots and fresh carrot horseradish $16

Florida Fishing Cottage
Ask about our nightly fresh fish selection!

Kentucky Barbecued Lamb
Slow-cooked and pulled shoulder of Kentucky lamb, barbecue jus, creamy Weisenberger cheese grits, slow-cooked greens, house pickles, tobacco onion $20

Carrot Croquettes wf ve
Carrot, almond and brown rice croquettes, hummus, lemon ginger marmalade, choice of one of our signature sides $13

Bourbon-Flamed Scallops wf
Little tomatoes, tarragon, lemon and crème fraîche, spinach, potato gratin $20

Beetloaf vg
Chef Josh's famous vegetarian loaf, tomato gravy, parsnip puree and a choice of one of our signature sides $14

Pick 3 Prix Fixe $30
Skip a course and add a drink! Your choice of one of our signature Bourbon cocktails, a glass of house wine or any of our craft draft beers

Greens Salad, Spinach Salad, Shady Lane Salad, Sweet Potato Beignets, Seasonal Soup or Soup Beans

Steak Frites
6 oz. butcher’s cut Certified Black Angus steak with bordelaise sauce and fresh-cut Herb-Salted Fries
Pan-Seared Vancouver Island Salmon Beurre Blanc
Lemon chive cream sauce and your choice of one of our signature sides

Chocolate Bread Pudding
With bourbon butter sauce and whipped cream
Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie
Peanut Butter Mousse Pie
Buttermilk Chess Pie


Sandwiches served on DV8 brioche bun and served with fresh-cut Herb-Salted Fries

Honeywood Burger
Stacked Black Hawk Farms beef patties, cheese salad, Josh's spicy dills, house ketchup $13
Add bacon jam $1

Hoecake Burger wf
Honeywood Burger between Weisenberger Mill hoecakes $13

All-Kentuckian Burger
Stacked Black Hawk Farms beef patties, choice of American, Swiss or Cheddar, lettuce, tomato and onion, house ketchup, mayo, mustard $13

Kentucky Proud Catfish Sandwich
Rolled and fried, lettuce, tomato, onion, tartar sauce, house pickles $13

Crispy Walnut Chicken Sandwich
Chicken breast scallopini, rolled in Parmesan, rosemary and walnut crumbs, with country ham, Swiss, lettuce, tomato, onion and apple mostarda $13


Add seared chicken $6. Add shrimp $10

Simple Greens wf ve
Local lettuces simply dressed with buttermilk ranch or mustard vinaigrette $6

Crunchy Kale wf ve
Shaved radish, marinated tempeh, savory granola, lemon tahini dressing $13

Shady Lane wf
Local lettuces, shaved Browning’s country ham, local deviled egg, candied Kentucky pecans and mustard vinaigrette on a Weisenberger Mill hoecake $13

Spinach and Orange wf vg
Baby spinach, Capriole goat cheese, toasted sliced almonds, pickled red onion, sliced oranges, orange vinaigrette $12

Seared Salmon Salad wf
Belgian endive, local lettuces, marinated tomatoes, capers, Castelvetrano olives, herbed red potatoes, local deviled egg, mustard vinaigrette $15

Crispy Walnut Chicken
Chicken breast scallopini, rolled in Parmesan, rosemary and walnut crumbs, over local lettuces, Belgian endive, apples, red grapes, toasted black walnuts, apple chips with lemon tarragon cream dressing $14


Whitesburg Soup Beans and Hoecake wf
Kentucky Heritage recipe, rich ham broth, diced onion, with Weisenberger Mill hoecake $5


Weisenberger Cheese Grits $5 wf vg

Slow-Cooked Greens $5 wf

Honey-Mustard Glazed Carrots $5 wf vg

Sautéed Spinach
garlic, shallot, olive oil $5 wf ve

Herb-Salted French Fries
fresh cut $5 wf

Potato Gratin $5 vg

Blue Cheese Celery Slaw $5 wf vg

Hoecake $2 wf vg

4 Mini Buttermilk Biscuits $4 vg


Iced tea, soft drinks, lemonade, milk, orange juice $2.50. Counter Culture coffee, hot tea $3
Ask to view our list of signature cocktails featuring all Kentucky distilled spirits


The Oscar Performance Sundae
Please order at the beginning of your meal
This decadent dessert is a tribute to local Breeders’ Cup champion Oscar Performance, a world record holder at a mile, Kentucky born, raised and standing stud at Mill Ridge Farm in Fayette County. Serves 1-4. Warm chocolate toffee brownie skillet, four giant scoops of Sorella Whipped Cream Gelato or Salted Caramel Gelato, hot fudge, toasted pecans, crushed peppermints and whipped cream $12

Bourbon Chocolate Pecan Pie vg
An old Kentucky favorite: decadent chocolate filling spiked with bourbon and stuffed with Kentucky pecans, from The Midway Bakery $6

Bourbon Buttermilk Chess Pie vg
Sweet and rich filling spiked with Kentucky's signature spirit, from The Midway Bakery $5

Chocolate Bread Pudding vg
A Central Kentucky favorite with bourbon butter sauce and whipped cream $6

Peanut Butter Mousse Pie vg
With a chocolate cookie crumb crust, from The Midway Bakery $5

Lemon Pavlova vg
Lemon curd, meringue cloud, FoodChain blueberry compote, whipped cream $8

Corn Cookie and Cream vg
Sorella Whipped Cream and Salted Caramel Gelato and a Midway Corn Cookie $8


Healthy options for kids 12 and younger. All meals come with your choice of fries, cheese grits, carrot & celery sticks or sautéed carrots

Willa’s Dilla vg
White Cheddar whole-grain quesadilla $5

Grilled Cheese
American cheese on whole wheat bread $5

Black Hawk Farm beef patty on a whole wheat bun, dressed how you like it $5

All Natural Chicken Breast wf
Pan seared $7


Dear Guest: While we serve only the freshest meats, seafood and eggs and often enjoy them raw or lightly cooked, please remember that consuming raw or lightly cooked meats, seafood and eggs always presents a potential health hazard.